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Mahogany Creative is a full service production company and operates across a range of
projects from designing promotional campaigns, to feature, documentary, live OB services, streaming, international productions, co-productions to multi-linear series. We provide complete project solutions and are also able to meet specific production, technical and crewing requirements.

Our in house production team work with clients across the creative processes, deploying groundbreaking talent across every project. Our work includes the most recognised talent in the industry and our extended network of Producers, Directors and DOPs ensures the success of every project.

Mahogany is focused on nurturing the next generation of talent and has a dedicated team empowering emerging filmmakers through our independent film fund. Ensuring we’re always working with the most current talent in the industry. 

Services include:

  • Development
  • Pre to Post Production Facilities
  • Casting to Talent Booking
  • Equipment rental, hire as well as designing bespoke technical solutions
  • International crewing services and management
  • Location resources and scouting
  • Location services, facilities and management
  • Data management and distribution